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Applied Records Management Office:
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Albuquerque, NM 87111
P.O. Box 93923
Albuquerque, NM 87199-3932
Toll-Free: 1-866-530-8119
Voice: 505.554.2937
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Records Management Consulting and Litigation Support for Small Businesses and Law Firms

Applied Records Management specializes in turnkey litigation support services for law firms and business consulting services for small independently owned companies to better manage their legal and business records.  We provide competitive services that allow you to focus on your core competencies so you can maximize your profits, while minimizing the expense and time spent chasing paper and searching for records.  Our services put the right records management policies and procedures and support services in place to protect your interests as you grow your business.  Our business is built upon referrals from our satisfied clients.

Records Management

Secure Litigation Support

Keeping up with the legal changes governing records management can be tough for small companies-but the financial stakes can be very high if you fall behind. Applied Records Management (ARM) offers savvy consulting services specifically designed for small to mid-sized companies to help you eliminate this risk. Our clients fall into a range of records-intensive industries including independent insurance agencies, real estate agencies, and financial services firms. An ARM consultant meets with you on-site to analyze how documents are created, used, archived and destroyed, and then determines if your processes comply with applicable laws and industry regulations. Applied Records Management (ARM) combines powerful knowledge of case management, document scanning, deposition strategy and trial presentation that allows small to mid-sized law firms to do what they do best - analyze the case, plan legal strategy and concentrate on litigation activities. Our network of litigation support experts relieves law firms of the burden of dealing with thousands of pages of case documents that make the location and review of case-related records a logistics nightmare. ARM helps your law firm streamline your preparation process, reduce case expenses, and secure the results your client wants